Making Health an easy Action!

Lemon Water

If loosing weight, exercising and making only healthy choices was easy, we’d all be making them, right? However in reality, choosing the option towards better well-being is often never easy. So, here’s my practice. Actually, it’s more of a trick. The trick being that each morning, I create a mind-set that will support making healthier decisions easier throughout the rest of the day! Sound easy?

I believe it’s so much easier to keep something going rather than trying to get something started. Once you commence with healthy intention, continuing it feels much easier than having to keep getting started. After all, how many times have you promised yourself that you will start making changes tomorrow! So here’s how I create the momentum. In the beginning 5mins of each day, I take my first healthy action, therefore significantly increasing the likelihood that I will continue to make healthy choices throughout the day and lessening the chance of diverting to an unhealthy route and crashing your health.

So what’s this healthy action that I take in the first 5mins after waking up? It needs to be something that requires no set-up, otherwise I’d have to think about it the day before. Also, it needs to be something I’m able to do while still feeling sleepy. I simply drink between 16 – 20oz of water with squeezed lemon juice. Not only am I instantly hydrated by the lemon water, but it also delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties(Research)However, for this lifestyle purpose, it provides the mind-set that I’m choosing to start each day with action towards a healthy lifestyle. Without even thinking about it, in the first 5mins of the day, I’ve chosen an affirmative step for self-care and personal wellbeing. I have started the momentum and have created good intention. I’ve built a mind-set that I have started my day with good actions. Therefore as the day progresses, when tempted by indulgent, un-healthy foods, I consider that I’ve already taken action towards better health. My health is already improving. Do I want to change paths now? Do I want to continue on with what I’ve already started or do I want to go backwards?

I have practiced drinking my lemon water first thing in the morning for many years. The first thing I notice is that I feel more alert. My body appreciates the qualities of the lemon juice with its polyphenol antioxidants, which research has shown to support weight loss, or Vitamin C, another anti-oxidant which again,research states may support cardiovascular health. Also, as I feel hydrated, I drink less coffee, therefore consuming less caffeine. I also feel more satiated so am able to continue my fasting until later in the morning. But most importantly, I feel successful by starting each day with a positive action for my personal health and well-being. 

So, make it easy, without thinking too much, take a healthy action in the first 5mins of each day to increase the likelihood that you’ll continue to make good, healthy choices and not be tempted towards an unhealthy lifestyle, or having to keep starting the change towards better health.

Morning Water Recipe:
16-20oz filtered water, room temp

¼ lemon, squeeze juice into water.