Take The Sugar Challenge!

Take the Sugar Challenge!  Sugar! An ancient, delectable, sweet sensation that unless consumed in moderation, puts you at serious risk for critical diseases, even death (American Heart Association AHA). In fact, the CDC is launching an extensive campaign to address obesity, a leading health risk in this nation often caused by excessive sugar consumption. So, if asked howContinue reading “Take The Sugar Challenge!”

Making Health an easy Action!

If loosing weight, exercising and making only healthy choices was easy, we’d all be making them, right? However in reality, choosing the option towards better well-being is often never easy. So, here’s my practice. Actually, it’s more of a trick. The trick being that each morning, I create a mind-set that will support making healthierContinue reading “Making Health an easy Action!”

How the Cauliflower came to Power!

Cauliflower Power Lunch Plate Today’s food adventure starts with the usual staring into the fridge.  Meanwhile, the cauliflower that’s dangerously close to it’s sell-by date stares right back! Feeling guilty at the thought of having to throw yet another fresh cauli away, it became apparent that today’s lunch included cauliflower! So, creating a new recipe canContinue reading “How the Cauliflower came to Power!”

(Chuckle), It is all about Oats!

  Hello dear friends-at-home, And now for something completely different!  It is all about oats! Kale, Jackfruit Steel Cut Oats with Curry. How about, Leek, Sage & Currant Oats? Intrigued? I hope this story of a bowl of oats strikes you with inspiration in creating your own oat umami! So the simple oat grain is notContinue reading “(Chuckle), It is all about Oats!”

Genie Steelie’s – Waking up Breakfast!

Oats! It’s whats for Breakfast…….or lunch, dinner or even a snack! I’ve always loved oatmeal but when I gave up sugar a few years back and started adding sea salt to my breakfast staple, my now savory oatmeal breakfast created enticing new possibilities. I’m  also tired of having to make smoothies to take my naturalContinue reading “Genie Steelie’s – Waking up Breakfast!”

Sit down & Sip Up! – Elixir for Detoxing Mind & Body

In our culture,  the evaluation of a successful person is based on a level of busyness. But get this, being busy does not make you important. In fact, it just makes you stressed, tired and definitely not your best self! In reality,  taking a break, sitting down and enjoying a moment of quiet, especially whileContinue reading “Sit down & Sip Up! – Elixir for Detoxing Mind & Body”