How the Cauliflower came to Power!

Cauliflower Power Lunch Plate

Today’s food adventure starts with the usual staring into the fridge.  Meanwhile, the cauliflower that’s dangerously close to it’s sell-by date stares right back! Feeling guilty at the thought of having to throw yet another fresh cauli away, it became apparent that today’s lunch included cauliflower!

So, creating a new recipe can start with something old, like an almost gone-off cauliflower. I was feeling ravenous and in no mood to head to the grocery store. So, in an attempt to not give into high carb, high sugar, fast snacks, I decided to entice myself with a delicious yet nutritious new recipe for a power lunch.

I took out the cauliflower. Without giving anything else too much thought, I randomly grabbed other foods such as brie, red onion, half an avocado and what was left of the arugula. I always try to have fresh lemons, so I cut up one of those. Side note, squeeze fresh lemon juice into everything you cook to add extra flavor.  Another favorite of mine is olive oil. You can enjoy olive oil hot or cold. Today I fancied heating the olive oil, as well as sautéing the onions. By pouring the hot oil onion mixture over the arugula and avocado, the texture changed, making digestibility easier.  This is the case for other salads that include fresh spinach leaves. The heated oil allows denser nutrition values to become available during digestion, which aren’t accessible when consumed raw. Another excellent way to cook and heat your veggies is to use an airfryer. Airfrying vegetables can make even the most mundane veggie become delectable. 

So, as my cauliflower was on it’s last leg, I knew the airfryer was the best way to bring it back to life. I laid out my cauliflower steaks in the airfrying basket. If you’re wondering what a cauliflower steak is, it’s simply a cauliflower that is thickly sliced horizontally. I generously added olive oil plus sea salt to the steaks, then let the air fryer do it’s thing.

Today’s food adventure ended up to be a delicious, new nutritious lunch recipe, filled with flavor. Click on the recipe link at the top to decide for yourself if my food trip turned out well! I hope you’ll find my ventures entertaining, somewhat useful and inspiring to embark on your own food adventures. There must be something in your fridge that is dangerously close to it’s sell-by date!

(Chuckle), It is all about Oats!


Hello dear friends-at-home,

And now for something completely different!  It is all about oats! Kale, Jackfruit Steel Cut Oats with Curry. How about, Leek, Sage & Currant Oats? Intrigued? I hope this story of a bowl of oats strikes you with inspiration in creating your own oat umami!

So the simple oat grain is not biased in being either sweet or savory. It is quite neutral really, especially if you only add water.  Consider your bowl of oats as a wonderful, blank canvas for creating your own breakfast adventures! Depending on which ingredients you add, your morning oats can be either sweet or savory!

The oat story started when I began experimenting with my daily steel cut oats. One morning, I could not decide if I wanted my protein smoothie or my bowl of oats. I fancied the oats but had been trying to incorporate a daily protein powder. A thought then occurred to me, “why could I not add my protein powder to my oats?” In fact, why not consider approaching my oatmeal the same way I approach making a smoothie.  Thus was born, The genie steelie! However, simply adding protein powder to oats was a simple beginning.

The thrill from finding and adding unusual ingredients into my daily oats started to provide excellent motivation for getting out of bed! Some days, when a surprising ingredient or a unique pairing had caught my eye, I could not wait to jump up the next morning and begin experimenting! One particular lunchtime, my daughter & I were enjoying a yummy, black bean, vegan taco with Jackfruit. “Hmmm”, I thought, “Jackfruit in oatmeal?” So imagine my delight when I found frozen Jackfruit at my local grocery store. Jackfruit has a wonderful, unusual savory taste. It has almost a peppery quality, while the texture and color are similar to a mango. The Jackfruit’s unique tubular shape is not found in any other fruit and its sunshine color was perfect for brightening my morning Kale, Jackfruit and Curry Oats.However, the next oat creation might be my favorite, Leek, Sage & Currant Oats.

Inspiration for bringing together new and different flavors can to be found in all sorts of places. The Leek, Sage & Currant Oats inspiration came from a wonderful Food and Wine recipe for a Turkey leg dressing! Remember, oats are a blank canvas. So, when I recently found this recipe speaking of sweet, “melted leeks”, blended with sautéed currants to create a rich, sweet yet savory flavor, my mouth watered. I needed to adapt the recipe but it was the perfect inspiration for a new oat beginning.  I woke up this morning and started cooking right away. The sautéed currants, oniony taste of the leek, savored together with the sage created a decadent, flamboyant start to the day. It felt like a breakfast suitable for a Queen!

So dear friends-at-home, what royal oat flavors will you be creating for breakfast? By sharing my creative journey with you, I hope that you are struck with oatspirational sparks and create more, fabulously unique oat recipes for the world! Perhaps we should create a hashtag or something! Please make sure to share below any questions you have, or hopefully, pictures of your oat inspirational journey! I cannot wait to see what oat inspiration is ignited in you!